Jio Phone Pre-booking online, Price and specifications & configuration

“Jio Phone India ka Smart Phone” – Is announced by the chairman of Reliance Jio Mr. Mukesh Ambani on 21-Jul-2017 during the 40th AGM of Reliance. The customers can buy the Jio Phones after paying a refundable security deposit of Rs. 1500 at the time of booking. This security deposit will be refunded after minimum 3 years (Conditions Apply). The customers can enjoy unlimited data and voice calling on this phone with a monthly recharge of Rs. 153.

Jio Phone Availability & pre-booking:
Announcement Date: 21-Jul-2017
Beta Testing Start Date: 15-Aug-2017
Pre-booking Start Date: 24-Aug-2017
Screen Size: 2.4-inch screen
Keyboard: T9 keypad
$G Support: 4G VoLTE (Single SIM)
Apps: Jio Apps
Internal Storage: 4GB
RAM: 512 MB
Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh
Processor: Qualcomm/Spreadtrum

Refund of security deposit
After paying a refundable security deposit of Rs 1500 the customers will get Jio Phone. However, to
get refund for this security deposit after minimum three years the customers have to recharge their
JioPhones at least once in 90 days with minimum Rs. 200.

No WhatsApp Support, YouTube, Facebook support
WhatsApp is the most popular messenger app in the world today. Reliance Jio has developed their own
chat & messeging platform named ‘JioChat’. To promote ‘JioChat’ there is a high possibility that the
JioPhone may not support WhatsApp messenter. However, the JioPhone may support YouTube, Facebook,
Twitter etc. app that consumes more data while using the phone. This may result into the revenue
generation for the Reliance Jio when the daily allowed internet usage limit exceeds.

Jio Phone Variants, Processor Support
During the announcement of Jio Phone on 21-Jul-2017, the chairman of Reliance Jio didn’t declared
anything about the specifications of the phone. As per the latest tweets by Qualcomm & Spreadtrum we
can assume that the phone will run on Qualcomm’s processor or China-based Spreadtrum Communications’
processor. Immediately after the announcements of JioPhone both these companies have tweeted about
their association with the JioPhone, that indicates that here will be at least two variants of the

Qualcomm India tweeted:
“Glad to partner with @reliancejio on the new #JioPhone, powered by our #205 mobile platform,”

Spreadtrum India tweeted:
“Making India digital with #JioPhone. @Spreadtrum is proud to be a part of the digital freedom for
#featurephone users. @Reliancejio”

No hotspot support
The JioPhone will not support hotspot features to avoid shared usage of the internet using this
phone. However there is a possibility that JioPhone may support WiFi.

Users can book the phone on their MyJio app
Interested users can book the new JioPhone via the company’s MyJio app. They can also visit a Jio
retailer to book the handset (both August 24th onwards). To get the list of reliance your nearest reliance jio stores click on Reliance Jio Stores

15 thoughts on “Jio Phone Pre-booking online, Price and specifications & configuration

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  3. Dear Sir,
    Please not that I do not require the jio phone booked with txn id FV0000016EO7, Delivery pin code 688526. Please arrange to cancel the delivery and refund my pre booking deposit Rs.500 at the earliest. The inconvenience is regretted. Please email me for any clarification if need be.
    Thanks & Regards
    SS Nair

  4. Hi Sir,

    This is Vidyadhar Reddy Kakunuri (7013374172). I have Pre-booked Jio Phone on 24th Aug 2017 around 5:30PM. But Till now I didn’t received the phone. Already the delivery date was postponed many days after the actual date of delivery to be taken place. Now on 27th Oct 2017 I got a msg to collect my phone (screenshot of the msg attached).

    On 28th Oct 2017 1:30 PM

    I: Went to jio store – (at Kovuru Road Kandukur – 523105) and asked the phone

    Jio Store: Sir, Your phone was not received by us and please come tomorrow

    I: Informed the same to customercare

    Customer Care: Raised a complaint “SR00000EAN21” and informed me that complaint will be resolved with in 48 hrs

    Note: on this date I witnessed that some phones were delivering before me to some customers

    On 30th Oct 2017 12:30 PM

    I: Went to jio store – (at Kovuru Road Kandukur – 523105) and asked the phone

    Jio Store: Sir, We have received some phones but we r trying to raising the GRN’s so come by 5:30 PM and we will handed over your phone

    I: Left the store

    On 30th Oct 2017 5:30 PM

    I: Went to jio store – (at Kovuru Road Kandukur – 523105) and asked the phone

    Jio Store: Sir, Have not received any phones. So please come tomorrow

    I: Sir, I am getting calls and SMS from JIO that my phone is ready for pick up but you are saying that you have not received any phones. Also morning you said that there is a system problem and informed me to come at 5:30 PM and I came accordingly.

    Jio Store: Sir, The issue is not resolved and so come tomorrow.

    I: Sir, Don’t worry and please put the same in a paper and give that to me. I will not ask again.

    Jio Store: We will not give

    I: asked the phone again and Recorded the answer in my mobile (Attached the same for your Reference. Conversation is in Telugu)

    Jio Store: They Called their manager, Who was not in the store at that time.

    Jio Store – Manager: Informed the Same and refused to give the same in writing and saying that if we asked municipal labour to give anything in writing they will not give. Similarly we will not give

    I: JIO office is not a municipal office and it is a big corporate office. Hence you should be answerable to customers.

    Jio Store – Manager: Only few phones were came and we handed those to some customers

    I: Ok fine. But those few phones were allotted to some mobile numbers for first booking basis.

    Jio Store – Manager: Phones received by us were not allotted to any one and hence we are giving as per our wish. Also we are giving priority to those customers who booked with us i.e, in my store and not to online booking customers. Also it is better to come on Friday

    I: Took their store Contact Number and left the store after informing my name to them (08598-224410)

    Finally my Queries

    How long I have to wait?

    Daily I am receiving sms and calls saying your jio phone is ready for pick up. If my phone is ready for pick up then why they were not delivering to my? If Really my phone is not ready kindly stop those sms and calls

    How can you prefer only to customers who pre-booked at stores? Then why you have kept booking in online? That to I have booked it in your website only

    How can you deliver the phones to others first? I think I may be in one of the 1st 20 persons list as I have booked in 30 min of booking started.

    I need to travel daily 25 Km’s (To & fro) for this from my home. Address given in the sim registration and you can get that from my present location (Machavaram Lat:15.1202450; Long:79.8888130 to Kandukur-523105PinCode). Who will reimburse my travelling expenses? Also I am in CA-Final Exams preparation. So Every hour is important for me. How will I get my time back?

    Hence I need free home delivery of my phone

    Store People are saying they were giving default sim and we are unable to port from other network to that network. How it should be reliable? As per TRAI we can port to any network with the same number. Also Customer Care People Said that you can use your current jio sim in that. But store people saying that it is not possible to do the sim. 1st month we need to use the new sim definitely. What is this nonsense? As we have existing jio sim, we should have to use that from day1 of purchasing the jio phone. So can you guide me and the store in this process as they are refusing to give the phone without new sim

    We already have issue with that store during the initial stages of Jio while giving jio sims. They are selling the sims to private vendors, Who sold sims at the cost of Rs.200/-, and saying that we have no stock. We think the same issue is happening now.

    I have registered a complaint 28th October 2017 and it is not resolved till now. How long it will take to resolve this.

    Kindly Resolve my Issues or otherwise return my money back…

    Already mailed the same to care but no reply from them

  5. I am writing this because i don,t get any way to speak with jio as their stores engage the phone when jio phone stock they recieve so no one can enquire the phone and my mistake was that i have booked the jio phone on 24th august @ 17:32 and it was really frustrating that those who didnt book their phone they are easily getting phones only 50 Rs extra they have to pay in 1800/- and those who booked online they are biggest defaulters as they even having a right to get the information when the phone we can expect and also if we want to cancel the booking even i am not able to do so due to company policy and they announced that first come first serve policy what a clean joke.

    if you have any empathy kindly let me know the status of my Jio Phone (8802623997)

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